Are you one of those who always upload photos of ordago to Instagram? You like to travel? You can combine your two passions, travel and upload the best photos to Instagram if you visit Ibiza. We have located for you the most popular places in Ibiza where you can take spectacular photos.


Fill your Instagram with striking and original photos taken in the places in Ibiza where everyone would like to be. You will be the envy of all your followers and you will gain even more popularity.


Places to take photos in Ibiza

Do not lose details because we at IbizaPlanning will tell you which are the main places and where you can find them.


Dalt Villa and its narrow streets

If you want to take a walk through a rustic atmosphere Dalt Villa is the perfect place. It is a walled area with many narrow streets and charming squares. As soon as you go through the main entrance of the walls and the Rastrillo you will find one of the outstanding areas, it is Plaça de Vila, an open space that invites you to take countless photographs.


Here you can find many services such as restaurants or art galleries. In addition, you can buy typical crafts of the area. There are a couple of spectacular viewpoints. We at IbizaPlanning believe that it is one of the almost mandatory visits for first-timers, who visit Ibiza, even and for people who enjoy the island often. It is the ideal place for that photo with a story for your Instagram.


Cala Benirras

It is one of the most seen landscapes in Ibiza, in fact, it is likely that when you arrive you will have the feeling that you have seen it before. It has an island that emerges from the water that is known as the finger of God.


It is an area where watching a sunset can be something magical. It is a must-see where you can take advantage of the warm sun of the island all afternoon. Some characteristic features of the area are the green pine trees and the mountains that surround it.


Here you can watch an impromptu show at any time. You can dance to the rhythm of the timpani while taking that special photo for your Instagram. Do not forget that in this area of ​​Ibiza you can breathe the hippie atmosphere that still lasts.


The swing of Cala Xarraca

Do you want a unique photo for your Instagram? Visit the swing of Cala Xarraca in Ibiza. It is a swing that falls over the sea in Sa Punta Negra, Sant Joan. The ropes of the swing hang over the rocks in the cove.


Hurry to get there because you will have to queue to have your moment of glory on the swing and find the perfect focus and photo. There is no self-respecting Instagrammer who does not have this photo.


It is Vedra

In this place you can enjoy the majesty of a rocky limestone island that is located about 2 km from the west coast of Ibiza, in front of the Cala d'Hort beach. It is an island with a height of 400 meters.


Those views cannot be replicated anywhere else. It is a truly magical place and has several legends. At IbizaPlanning we believe that, if you want to be a PRO on Instagram with your holidays in Ibiza, you should have not one, if not, several photos of this place.


Sa Pedrera / Atlantis

When you arrive at Atlantis you will not be able to classify the area as a beach or a cove, since it is a different space. It has very different rock formations that have been created by man. Its landscape is very particular and has an aspect that can be reminiscent of something dreamlike.


The viewpoint of the Gates of Heaven

A sunset is one of the most beautiful images you can upload to your Instagram, if you also do it in Ibiza on an almost virgin island, it will be a guaranteed success. It is located in the north of Ibiza, the viewpoint of the gates of heaven and it is a very special place where one would say that there is even magic.


It also has steep cliffs that offer spectacular landscapes. You can make routes through the area and see almond and pine trees that offer a very special landscape.

Ibiza is a wonderful place and every corner is worthy of being photographed. However, these are some of the emblematic places that are really worth seeing. In a second part we will add more.