You will be the sensation of Instagram when you upload the photos that you can get to take in these places. Without a doubt, they are places that you cannot miss if you travel to Ibiza. For its beauty and for the many fun alternatives that these places offer you.


Sa Caleta

This beach is small and quiet and is surrounded by pine trees. It has a lot of charm and its reddish rocks and sands make it a very peculiar one. It also has steep cliffs that give it a very particular landscape.


In addition to the wonderful nature, this beach has a cave from where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the cove from the heights. Don't forget to take a picture of yourself walking inside.


During the summer months it is very likely that you will have to queue to be able to show off some photos or videos with pride on your Instagram


Ibiza Stonehenge


It is located in Cala Llentia and is a monument that recreates the famous American Stonehenge. It is also known as Time and Space in Ibiza. It is a work made by Andrew Rogers, and it is one of the most important attractions on this island.


As an anecdote, it was made in 2014 and it was built in a record time of just one week. In addition, it is made of basalt that was brought from Turkey directly to the island.


It is an architectural complex made up of thirteen columns, twelve form a circumference and the last one is located in the center and on the top it has a 23-karat gold plate.


Can you imagine yourself in the middle of the monoliths with your best pose? Your Instagram is waiting for you.


Can Soleil doors


If you told someone that you can find some gates in the middle of the field, they would not believe it. Show them with a photo that you can show one of the most curious monuments on the island of Ibiza.


It is known as Can Soleil and they are two gates installed on the land of the same name. Its author was the same one who created the Cirque du Soleil, although not much is known about him. Both doors are made of wood and have Arabic engravings. This place arouses a lot of curiosity.


Cala D´Hort


Cala D´Hort is one of the most striking coves in Ibiza. It is located in a nature reserve and has several islets. It is a very quiet beach that is very fashionable.


Es Vedra is also visible from this beach, so all the photos you take will be magnificent and memorable, but we at IbizaPlanning recommend you go to the end of this beach, where you will find a small jetty next to the old sailors' houses. It is one of your favorite places to get some of your best photos of Ibiza, with breathtaking views.


Cala Comte


Do you like to look like palm hearts on the beach? Are you looking forward to showing everyone the new bikini that you have bought and that looks great on you? Cala Comte is one of the most famous and fashionable beaches in Ibiza. Formed by fine sands, turquoise waters and with islets in the background such as s'llla des Bosc Sa Conillera, Ses Bledes and S'Espartar, it is a place of idyllic landscapes, mandatory to take your best photos on the island and get real jealousy in your Instagram. Your photos will receive more likes than ever and if you upload a video from the high viewpoint with the sunset on TikTok you will be the envy on your Social Networks.


The stairs of Cala Tarida


Cala Tarida is a beach of great beauty and although it is a beach that you can enjoy from some of the many restaurants and contemplate very beautiful sunsets, it is also a perfect place to take charming photos to upload to your Instagram. You have several stairs from the restaurants, which are on the heights, as well as the long stairs located at the beginning of the beach, if you use the large parking lot as a point of descent to the sand.


Las Dalias


The area of ​​Las Dalias in Ibiza is another of the most demanded to spend a day surrounded by culture and gastronomy. The most striking thing about this area is that you can visit its hippy market that they put on on Saturdays.

There you will enjoy a great festive and exotic atmosphere because the stalls it offers are diverse and many are handmade. In many stalls you can find white Ibizan clothing that is ideal for your next Instagram photo.

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