Cala Saladeta


If you are looking for a heavenly place, Cala Saladeta is your destination in Ibiza. It is a corner with a lot of personality and charm where you can enjoy fine sand and turquoise waters. The entire landscape is designed with stones making the environment very special inviting you to stay. It is a secluded place where you will have hardly any contact with civilization.


There is a viewpoint on the heights, which separates Cala Saladeta and Cala Salada, which is its neighboring cove. From there, you can get unbeatable views of both coves and it is a perfect place to take those magical photos for your Instagram.


Galera Point


It is a nudist area in the middle of Cala Salada. In this area you can see a very particular landscape characterized by flat rock terraces at various levels that are ideal for laying your towel and sunbathing.


In a quiet area that is not yet fully overcrowded, which will allow you to take beautiful photos in an almost empty environment where you can have highly original images for your Instagram.


Cala d'en Serra


La Cala d´en Serra is a small cove that is located near Portinatx. It is an area where there is hardly any overcrowding, since it is far from the usual tourist routes.


There you can find a beach bar to taste the gastronomy of the area. Very close to there, if you skirt the rocks you can find a deserted cove that is ideal for those photos that few can get.


Lately this cove is famous for urban art and graffiti of a beautiful young woman. If you like urban art it is a must.


If you go early you can enjoy epic sunrises like few others.


Ses Salines / Las Salinas


Do you like the famous? And what if you could take a picture with that trendy character? Las Salinas is a beach with very shallow fine sand and very clear waters. There, you can find a great diversity of services and vendors of various products that will take you the products to the same beach, both fruit and dresses and sarongs.


It is very popular because it is one of the beaches where a large number of celebrities and famous people go. And although as a beach it is very inhabited to the point that in August it can be a bit overwhelming, in the surroundings you have very beautiful places, for these fantastic photos. If you are lucky, you can enjoy the company of adorable pink flamingos.


Festival Club


Located in the hills above San José, Festival Club is an area for Instagram adventurers. It is completely covered in graffiti and murals as if it were an open-air art gallery.


A colorful place in the natural environment. It is an open-air monument where dances were once held, with restaurants and an amphitheater. It can be a special place to take funny photos.


Visit Formentera


Formentera in an ideal space to visit away from all crowds and surrounded by nature. It is reached by ferry and it is a very small island, but you are sure to enjoy it. It has an elongated shape that occupies an area of ​​about 20 km.


It is not very high, since the highest part is the cliff of the Faro de La Mola. It is surrounded by beaches and coves. In Formentera you will find endless special corners where to take that unique photo to upload to Instagram.



We hope that after having introduced you to all these special places in Ibiza, you will have no doubt that your next destination is on this island. Original and unique places to take your best photos for Instagram will not be missing and, in addition, you will enjoy exclusive and very special spaces to enjoy an exclusive vacation.


In this destination you can find compelling reasons to take photos, since practically every corner of the island is worth it. Although we have told you about charming places, you can discover for yourself or for yourself everything that Ibiza can offer you.