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Do you want a customized plan in Ibiza?

Do you want to personalize your vacation on the island?


IbizaPlanning is in charge of shaping the activities or the existing plan in our Emotions Market, so that you have a tailor-made vacation or REALLY unforgettable experiences.


Choose the desired plans or simply let us know your requirements, general or detailed, and leave the heavy lifting of choosing and customizing to us.


Explore Ibiza your way. The island, in addition to being famous with the best nightclubs in the world, is also blessed with an absolutely fabulous coastline, with many small coves to discover, picturesque corners, an always blue sky and landscapes of lush vegetation.


In summer, IbizaPlanning offers you the most hedonistic plans of experiences at sea, nightlife

In the fall, “exploring” is the most recommended activity.

On the other hand, winter offers a better idea of ​​real life and so authentic in Ibiza and colorful spring is the time to enjoy the island, surrounded by peace, tranquility and many, many colors.


Choose the time of year you choose, for this very special Plan or for the dream visit, our job is to surprise you with our recommendations.


Tell us your requirements, details to email:  or fill out the form here

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